This week in Episode 446, Wayne interviews Indie creator Rik Offenberger from G-Man Comics about his current crowdfunding project, “Simon N. Kirby, The Agent #1 and #2,” which you can support at this link. Here’s the series’ description: “The Agent is the story of FBI Agent Simon N. Kirby and the world of G-Man Comics. In his world, all superheroes are registered with the government. As part of the Super Hero Registration Act, superheroes may be pressed into service to protect their country as needed. Simon N. Kirby is the man in charge of the FBI’s superhero team, the G-Men. It operates in a ‘mission impossible’ style, where he selects the right agents for the right mission.” We discuss how the book came to be, the fun creative aspects of this series (including that you could have your own superhero added in the future), and what Rik has coming in the next few months. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this fun chat with a new Indie pro and long-time comics journalist about his excellent (and first) comics series!