by Richard Vassure
Nov 24, 2019 at 6:26am

Title: Who’s Who The Official Handbook of the G-Man Universe # 1
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Creators: Rik Offenberger, Jim Burrows, Eric N. Bennett, Joe Sewell, Gilbert Monsanto, Phil Cho, Mitchel Kwok
Price: Print $ 2.47 US
Digital FREE
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This short eight-page comic starts out with an introduction from Rik Offenberger that shows he clearly does love the Shield.
This book is done like the DC Who’s Who just with all characters from the G-Man Universe.
Agent Shield is the first one profiled. Here we see he is not just a super-hero but also an FBI agent. His costume design is patriotic. He was created to act as a policeman for the other super-powered beings both hero and villain.
Champion of Liberty is another patriotic-themed hero with superpowers. His suit has a beautiful patriotic theme to it.
Champion of Liberty 2 this is the son of the original and he is more updated in his looks. He does take after his father in all aspects.
Judah “The Hammer” Maccabee, he is a Jewish hero with the Hammer of God. The art does look pretty amazing on him.
Operative Desert Shield is a Middle Eastern. The red and green of his costume goes well together.
Red Rube is basically a copy of Shazam power-wise. His costume is a simple one. His battle cry of “Hey, Rube!” is great. He is illustrated as a wholesome super-hero.
Ruby Red she has the same powers as her older brother Red Rube. She has a nice simple costume in red and blue.
Sgt. Flag his costume is a flag. He does not have superpowers but he is armed to the teeth and more.
Steel Wolf has powers that make him a superman. He has a well-designed costume. From the description here he is impressive.
As a Who’s Who book this is impressive.