“I Want You!” Reprinted from G-Man Comics 3in1 #1
“Who is Outrage?”Reprinted from G-Man Comics 3in1 #2
“Li’l Willa!” Reprinted from G-Man Comics 3in1 #2
“Invictus: Outrage” Reprinted from Invictus: Outrage #1
“Li’l Willa!” Reprinted from Invictus: Outrage #1
“21 Candles” Reprinted from Simon N. Kirby The Agent #5
Story: Jim Burrows, Earl Wajenberg, and Rik Offenberger
Art: Joshua 1:9 Holley, David Ellis Leary, Tommy Florimonte, John Jennings, Gilbert Monsanto, Alan Faria, Dean Juliette, Steven Butler, Tom Grindberg, Mike Cody
Letter: Eric N. Bennett
Color: Joshua 1:9 Holley, Ann Holley, Victor Raniery, Gilbert Monsanto, Alan Faria, Dean Juliette
Covers: Mel Ford
Copy Editors Earl Wajenberg, Jon Singer, Ron Krueger, Chris Squires
Production Editor: Jim Burrows
Shipping June 2022
Full Color
Page Count: 64
Print $10.00


Reprinting Outrage’s origin story from the pages of G-MEN UNITED #1-#2 and INVICTUS: OUTRAGE #1
Agent Kirby tries unsuccessfully to enlist Outrage in the G-Men against her will, as he and Champion of Liberty² find themselves in need of serious backup.
Story: Jim Burrows
Art: Joshua 1:9 Holley
Letter: Eric N. Bennett
The life story of Outrage.
Story by Jim Burrows
Art by David Ellis Leary
Letters by Eric N. Bennett
Our story opens in 2006 as the teenage superhero, Willa Yancey—still known as Invictus—steps up to fill the gap left by the Decimation, when Earth lost more than one out of every ten superheroes battling the alien menace of the Skerlings. None of the world’s supervillains had sacrificed, and now New Acadia is facing an emerging threat: savage beast-men are prowling the back streets and the wooded paths of Great Meadow Park. Lycanthrops? Mutants? Where are they coming from? Who or what is behind them?
In the aftermath of “I Want You” (G-Men United #1), modern day Willa continues the tale she began in G-Men United #2’s “Who is Outrage?”. Join Agent Kirby in learning the origin of New Acadia’s strongest meta-human—Outrage—as she and her roommate, Dena Wolf seek to solve the mystery of the Beast-Men of New Acadia.
Story by Jim Burrows
Art by Gilbert Monsanto
Letters by Eric N. Bennett
All New Cover by Gilbert Monsanto
Shipping June 2022
Full Color
Page Count: 36
Print $10.00