LYNX #1 – Review

LYNX #1, from G-Man Comics in June 2022, introduces readers to Mateo and Maya, the crimefighting duo called Lynx. When Mateo is called away on business, Maya accepts an easy assignment at a museum that turns out to be anything but easy.

The Details

  • Written By: Rik Offenberger
  • Art By: Milton Estevam
  • Colors By: Téo Pinheiro
  • Letters By: Eric N. Bennett
  • Cover Art By: Mike Cody (cover A)
  • Cover Price: $10.00 (print edition)
  • Release Date: June 2022

Was It Good?

The word that comes to mind after reading LYNX #1 is “cute.” Note “cute” in a middle school pony ride kind of way, but “cute” in a wholesome Saturday Morning Cartoon kind of way. Yet, it’s unclear if that’s the tone the creators were going for because you get the impression, through the art and situations, that the story intends to be more mature than the way it comes across.

To be clear, this issue gets a thumbs up as it’s one of the better indie-created attempts at filling the superhero comic void. The absolute high point in this issue is Estevam’s art style. The character anatomies are detailed with great line work. The action scenes are well-choreographed, and the panel compositions are top-notch.

Beyond the designs, Pinheiro’s coloring work is excellent. You can tell this is a digital comic in the smaller details, but this is a polished work and as good a digital comic as you’re likely to see, even from the Big 2.
The plot is generally good. Maya, one half of the Lynx team, takes a solo assignment to safeguard a museum shipment. Of course, the shipment doesn’t go as planned. The plot lays out Maya’s fighting prowess and wits, and you see how she always keeps her daily life as a Kindergarten teacher in the back of her mind. You don’t see many comic heroes putting this much thought into the superhero-work-life balance, so Maya’s choice to use the outcome as a benefit for her school is a nice touch.

The down point is the list of strange story plot choices that don’t make sense. This issue is a #1 and an opportunity to introduce new readers to Lynx, but for some reason, a choice was made to split the duo up to focus on only one half of the duo. Why create a #1 to introduce a fighting duo that only focuses on one half of the team?

The Lynx fighting style is odd. They both wear long claw-like blades that are killing weapons. Does that mean Agent Kirby and the Agency sanction murder? The claws look cool, but one good jab and the person on the pointy end is dead. Yet, when you see the well-choreographed action, Lynx goes out of her way NOT to use her claws. Why wear such an unwieldy, deadly weapon strapped to your arm and not use it?

Again, the plot is generally good, but the execution has some rough spots. The motivation behind the museum theft is glossed over much too quickly. The “mummy” appears out of nowhere with no explanation. And the admittedly wholesome ending would scare the crap out of any normal school-aged child, yet, everyone acts as if the situation is completely normal. The comic has a destination in mind and gets there, but there are a few potholes along the way.


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Mike Cody
Steven Butler


What’s It About?

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We begin with a moonlit, rooftop brawl where Mateo and Maya, the fighting duo called Lynx, are taking out a gang of clowns… literally. Lynx takes out the clowns easily and calls their handler, Squires, to take out the criminal trash.

Later, Mateo tells Maya he has to leave town for the weekend for work. Maya uses the opportunity to rest and heal, but before she gets too comfortable, Agent Kirby calls with a cushy assignment – safeguard a valuable museum shipment.

The next morning, Maya/Lynx watches over the shipment as a group of “stereotypical”-looking Egyptian men loads sarcophagi into a waiting truck. Something smells fishy, so when Maya investigates, she finds the actual movers murdered, and the fishy mean are stealing the sarcophagi.

Suddenly, a beautiful woman arises from an open sarcophagus, and Hell breaks loose. We conclude the issue with magic, mayhem, and the world’s most unusual school field trip.

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Final Thoughts

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LYNX #1 is a solid first issue to get readers acquainted with a new fighting duo. The art is well above average for a digital comic with some impressive coloring, and the story has all the earmarks of a fun adventure. However, the costume choices don’t line up with the character’s fighting style, and the story has a few confusing moments.

Score: 8/10

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