INVICTUS: OUTRAGE #1, from G-Man Comics in June 2022, recounts Outrage’s early days as a new superhero working from the shadows after the Skerling invasion was thwarted by Star*Force.

The Details

  • Written By: Jim Burrows
  • Art By: Gilbert Monsanto
  • Colors By: Gilbert Monsanto
  • Letters By: Eric N. Bennett
  • Cover Art By: Alan Faria (cover A)
  • Cover Price: $10.00 (print edition)
  • Release Date: June 2022

Was It Good?

INVICTUS: OUTRAGE #1 brings users into the interconnected superhero universe created by G-Man Comics by spotlighting the hero known as Outrage (or Invictus… it’s complicated). This indie offering is included in the G-Man comics bundle containing an assortment of #1 issues spotlighting an assortment of characters for your reading pleasure. Is Outrage/Invictus the best of the bunch? Maybe not the best, but definitely in the middle.

The highlight of this issue is the all-out level of creativity and imagination Burrows puts into creating a superhero comic. You’re not going to find “grounded” characters that present as ordinary people you’ll pass walking on the sidewalk. These characters are larger than life with big personalities and big heroics to match. This issue has big action on every page to keep your excitement meter high.

However, there are a few down points. First, the main character explains she registered as Invictus, but the press picked up her name as Outrage due to a misheard sound bite during a press conference. The way the scene plays out doesn’t seem like it was an easy mistake to make, and the odd name change doesn’t add anything to the story, so it comes across as needless confusion.

Second, Burrows explains you don’t need to know anything about the character to jump into this issue, but you will feel like you’re missing a lot without previous information about Invictus/Outrage. Who is she? What are her powers? How did she get her powers? This issue would have been helped with at least a bio page or a prologue description.

Next, the art is rough in spots. It’s not the worst indie art we’ve ever seen, but the typical shortcomings of amateur digital art are present. Colors are layered rather than feathered, making highlights and contours look unnatural. The lines are very thick and loose, giving you the impression the inks were finished with a Sharpie. Again, we’ve seen much worse, and we want to encourage more indie creations, but there’s a lack of spit, polish, and refinement here.

It may seem like we’re down on this comic. On the contrary, despite this issue’s myriad technical and structural flaws, it’s entertaining, and the main character’s situation is compelling enough to leave you wanting more.


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Alan Faria
Steven Butler

Tom Grindberg

What’s It About?

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We begin with Invictus/Outrage narrating more of her early days while talking with Agent Kirby> She explains how she, along with a handful of heroes, worked away from the public eye after the Star*Force vacated Earth after helping to stop the Skerling invasion. Invictus/Outrage’s first big threat involved tackling the Jekylls, human/canine hybrids.

Later, Invictus/Outrage takes on a sidekick named Dena to help with logistics. Together with a genius weapon and armor developer named Toolmaster, the three begin rounding up Jekylls whenever they pop up. Soon, the three are joined by an alien agent named Tregon from the Star*Force to track down a Skerling shapeshifter who escaped capture and is responsible for creating the Jekylls.

We conclude the issue with force fields, holograms, and big battles.

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Final Thoughts

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INVICTUS: OUTRAGE #1 has tons of creativity, imagination, and a genuine heart for creating a superhero adventure echoing the classics of the Gold- and Silver-Age. In fairness, there are plenty of technical flaws with both the writing and art, but this comic has the potential to be a diamond in the rough.

Score: 7/10

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