Real Name: Aenyr
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Trickster, god of deception
Place of Birth: Avalorr
Citizenship: Citizen of Otherworld
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Allies: Mother Ket, Darklore
Group Affiliations: Gods of Avalorr
Base of Operations: City of Avalorr, in the dimension of Otherworld
Education: Unrevealed
First Appearance: G-Men United #3 (August, 2023)
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 525 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-Gray
Hair: White

The child of one of the Fir Bolg and an elf, Aenyr would grow to adulthood forever between worlds. Not at home in the homes of his parents, nor in the shining city of Avalorr, he grew resentful and cruel.
Always having to fight for everything he ever got, Aenyr grew cunning as well as developing an appetite for power. He studied at the feet of any who would teach him, eventually paying them back tenfold for the often-humiliating and demeaning tasks they assigned to him. But eventually, he came to study under the great Mother Ket herself, the most powerful sorceress in Avalorr; some might even say in all of Otherworld itself. She saw the fire that burned within him, and faced those flames into an inferno.
Eventually, Aenyr ingratiated himself to the High Court of Avalorr, where he earned a seat for himself at the council table. And it was from there that his plans well and truly began…

Aenyr possesses the normal physical attributes of a male member of the gods of Avalorr of his age, height, and build. He can lift (press) approximately 30 tons under ideal conditions. Additionally, he is extremely long-lived, superhumanly strong and durable, and immune to all known terrestrial (mortal) diseases.
In addition to his physical abilities, Aenyr possesses great innate magical powers and abilities, including teleportation, flight/levitation, shapeshifting, the projection of magical bolts of force or energy, the generation of protective shields and defenses, and the ability to cross dimensional barriers at will. He also possesses a number of mental and extrasensory powers akin to psionic abilities including the ability to broadcast his thoughts into the minds of others, as well as plant compelling hypnotic suggestions. He can also project his consciousness, or “astral form” itself across dimensional planes. He cannot, however, read the minds or thoughts of others. He also possesses tele location abilities, allowing him to see and hear events occurring in other distant locations, usually through the use of a medium of some kind (a crystal ball, water, a mirror, etc).
Aenyr’s greatest asset is his cunning mind. It is not for nothing that he is known as “The Trickster”, and has earned the title of god of Deception among the gods of Avalorr.