Sankofa Comics brings back their second remastered classic fanzine hero in Total Eclipse. Amateur homages to comic book characters created by the pros abound, but back in 1962, two fans made comic book history by getting editor Julius Schwartz’s permission to create a new character based on the Golden Age hero Dr. Mid-Nite. Thus was born The Eclipse, written by Drury Moroz and drawn by Ronn Foss. Ronn had just taken over as the editor of Alter Ego, created by Dr. Jerry Bails, and wanted his first issue to include an original creation.
Alter Ego #5 featured The Eclipse on its cover and included his 10-page origin story. Over the next decade and a half, three more Eclipse stories saw print. Sadly, the artwork for the fifth, unpublished, story was stolen, but in 1989, Ronn reconstructed at least four pages of that story from partial photocopies. While Sankofa was working with Steve and Ronn’s families on their first zine, Steve Perrin’s Black Phantom, Ronn’s daughter gave us those four pages. All four stories were published under Ronn’s copyright and so, with the blessings of his heirs, Sankofa is proud to present all five (well, four and a half) stories in a single remastered B&W volume.
Note: Some scenes in the story “Witch Hunt” deal with adult themes, situations, and nudity.
Story by Drury Moroz
Art by Ronn Foss
Cover by Ronn Foss
Shipping May 2023