By Gabriel Hernandez

DEC 15, 2022

LYNX: GRINDHOUSE SPECIAL #1, from G-Man Comics on Kickstarter, regales readers with a deadly day in the life of G-Man’s dynamic, bladed duo.

The Details

  • Written by: Rik Offenberger
  • Art by: Arnaldo dos Santos Ferreira, Jr.
  • Colors by: Victor Raniery
  • Letters by: Francisco Zamora
  • Cover art by: Arnaldo Dos Santos Ferreira, Jr.
  • Cover price: $5.00
  • Release date: December 2022

Is It Good?

LYNX: GRINDHOUSE SPECIAL #1 takes riders on a chaotic ride through a day in the life of the deadly duo known as Lynx. In the fast-paced world of vigilante heroics, Rik Offenberger shows readers that you have to think fast and not pull punches. However, the speed sometimes comes at the expense of scene transitions and plot. In short, this is a mixed bag of a comic.

True to the title, Lynx leans into the grindhouse elements when the duo slices and dices their way through, first, an illegal smuggling operation, and second, a costumed gang’s bank robbery. Limbs fly, organs get punctured, and there’s no shortage of blood in every fight. If you’re in the mood for a vigilante comic that isn’t afraid to get rough, this comic has you covered.

The down point of this issue is the breakneck pace that comes at the expense of scene transitions, setup, and plot. This is a day-in-the-life issue because there is no obvious plot. You get Lynx going through the events of their day, and they react when criminal activity occurs. To cram those actions and reactions into a standard page count, characters suddenly materialize and disappear seemingly at random. You can easily follow what’s happening, but it feels like reading a collection of snippets without any sense of flow.

The art ranges from good to above average. Ferreira, Jr’s line work is clean, the character designs are memorable, and the coloring work is solid. However, the backgrounds are minimal at best, giving the comic a rushed feel.

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What’s It About?

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We begin with Lynx busting into an illegal warehouse filled with armed guards. It’s never explained what’s in the warehouse that makes it illegal, but we trust our crimefighters know what they’re doing. Lynx slices and dices their way through the guards until everyone is either dead or knocked out.

After a solid night’s sleep, the pair split up for their day jobs. Mateo heads to a bank for a pickup errand for his boss, and Maya heads to her teaching job. While Mateo waits for his delivery, a gang of bank robbers, dressed as brown dogs, arrives to clean the place out.

We conclude the issue with a rescue and a takedown.

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Final Thoughts

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LYNX: GRINDHOUSE SPECIAL #1 gives readers a glimpse into a day in the life of G-Man’s most deadly duo. The characters are imaginative, and the blood flows freely (as it should for a comic with ‘Grindhouse’ in the title), but the writing and art feel super-rushed.

Score: 6.5/10

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