G-MAN COMICS 3in1 #1
As the name implies, you get 3 stories in 1 comic! You get Champion of Liberty² in prison with the Demon Priest! You get Sgt. Flag in action with the foundation of Lynx origin, and you get American Eagle III in an epic battle with Half-Man.
Story: Rik Offenberger, Jim Burrows, Eric N. Bennett
Art: Gilbert Monsanto
Letter: Eric N. Bennett
Covers: Gilbert Monsanto, Michael Netzer (מיכאל נצר), Steven Butler, Jason Contini
Copy Editors Earl Wajenberg, Jon Singer, Ron Krueger, Chris Squires
Script Editor: Lou Mougin
Production Editor: Jim Burrows
Shipping May 2021
Full Color
Page Count: 28
Print $10.00