Reprinting two solo stories that originally appeared in anthology titles from G-Man Comics. First, in “The Price of Freedom” (originally appearing in G-Man 3in1 #1&2), AMERICAN EAGLE deals with the dual threats of HALF-MAN and the BRAIN BRUISER in Philadelphia! Then, in “Thunderstruck” (originally appearing in G-Men United #2), join BLUE BOLT on a high-speed chase through the streets of Washington, D.C. as he races to apprehend the criminal known as THUNDERVOLT!
In addition to these stories, this book also contains all-new, never-before-seen profiles for all the characters involved! And all this under a gorgeous cover by Marvel Comics Veteran Steven Butler with colors by Gilbert Monsanto!
Story: Eric N. Bennett
Art: Gilbert Monsanto & Luis Rivera
Letter: Eric N. Bennett
Color: Gilbert Monsanto & Victor Rainery
Covers: Steven Butler
Copy Editors Earl Wajenberg, Jon Singer, Ron Krueger, Chris Squires
Production Editor: Jim Burrows
Shipping April 2022
Full Color
Page Count: 40
Print $10.00