COMIC TALK with Dean Juliette

by Giovanni Aria

Dean Juliette is a Brazilian comic book artist and he has been working in the comics industry as an illustrator since 2008. He works in all stages of comic illustration, from the basic layouts to the finished art inked, including colors, and lettering. His work has been seen in Nazi Werewolves from Outer Space from #1 to #6 – King Tut Truck Driving Pharaoh #1 and #2 – Kung Fu Satanist #1 and #2 – Grimm Fairy Tales # 27. Dean is working on The G-Man Comics Christmas Special

First Comics News: When did you first discover comics?

Dean Juliette: At the age of eight, with Disney comics. But it was at my fourteen when things became serious and, I became a collector after I bought Spider-Man #109, which here in Brazil was a compilation of the issues #143, #144, and #145 of the Spectacular Spider-Man, and The Amazing Spider-man # 310. That book was amazing and blew my mind.

1st: What attracted you to them?

Dean: At that moment, the stories were illustrated superbly by the art of Sal Buscema and Todd Mcfarlane.

1st: Where did you study art?

Dean: Here in Brazil, our colleges of art are turned to for fashion or graphic design what was not interesting for me. So, I ended up studying the production of comics books for two years (1999-2000) in a school of illustration, currently know as Instituto HQ. There, my teachers were four Brazilians artist whose worked and still work for the American market: Luke Ross, Manny Clark, Fabio Laguna, and Klebs Junior.

1st: What was your first published work?

Dean: Despite two or three illustrations published here in Brazil by the year 2000, my first published work was Grimm Fairy Tales #27 from Zenescope.

1st: How did you get your first break, into comics?

Dean: I had this agent here in Brazil that put me in contact with Zenescope for a test, and they hired me at that moment.

1st: How did you get involved with G-Man Comics?

Dean: Rik, contacted me through Facebook for an illustration of the F.A.L.C.O.N Team.

1st: How much freedom do you have creatively with the comics?

Dean: So far, more than I expected when I started working in this market.

1st: What makes a good comic story?

Dean: For sure, after the basics, story-telling, composition, blah, blah, blah. It’s you really understand and incorporate what the writer wants to express with his text.

1st: What is it like working with Rik and Jim?

Dean: It’s amazing, nice Guys. They are really kind people. And they love what they do.

1st: What else are you working on?

Dean: At this moment, I don’t have any other specific project. What I have is a considerable range of commissioned art waiting to be worked on.

1st: Good luck to you on the current Kickstarter, readers can find it at