Created by Eric N. Bennett and Cody Conyers based on a character by Wright Lincoln.
Art by Cody Conyers.


Real Name: Grant Farrel
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Adventurer
Place of Birth: Long Island, New York
Citizenship: U.S. citizen
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Glenda (Wife, deceased)
Known Allies: Thor, gods of Asgard, First Guard
Group Affiliations: Einherjar, First Guard
Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Europe
Education: Unrevealed
First Appearance: (Historic) Weird Comics #1, (Modern version) Taranis the Thunderlord #2
Height: 6’6” (5’10 in mortal form)
Weight: 640 lbs (170 lbs. in mortal form)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


Chosen by the Norse god Thor to be his agent on Earth, Grant Farrel was trained by the Valkyries and warriors of Valhalla to be a champion worthy of the gods. Gifted with Thor’s gauntlets, belt of strength, and most importantly his mighty hammer Mjolnir, Grant returned to Earth where he battled Nazis, criminals, and the machinations of other gods as they sought to rule or corrupt mankind.
Near the end of the Second World War, Grant joined the group known as The First Guard, where he built friendships that lasted him decades. But when the Guard disbanded in the early 1950s, Grant took his love Glenda and returned to Asgard.
Eventually returning to Earth following her death, and having abandoned his own aging mortality, Grant operated covertly throughout Europe, even rejoining the latest incarnation of The First Guard on several adventures.
Most recently, Grant Farrel battled an unknown assailant in the streets of Paris, where, despite his decades of combat experience and divine training, he fell to the villain’s blade. And if there is any justice, Grant now dwells forever in the Halls of Valhalla, well and truly a member of The Einherjar at long last.


As a result of his extended stay in Asgard, Grant has the ability to transform himself from his mortal form into an Asgardian form at will. In this form, he possesses massive physical strength equivalent to that of the Thunder God himself, as well as great resistance to physical damage. Grant can transform between his mortal and Asgardian form at will.


Grant wears the gauntlets Járngreipr which protect him from the intense heat and electricity, and the belt Megingjörd which amplifies his strength. His greatest weapon of all was the hammer Mjölnir, one of the mightiest weapons of any pantheon. The hammer possesses the ability to summon and control the elements of wind, storm, and lightning, and if thrown will return to the hand of he who threw it without fail. The hammer is indestructible and is so heavy that only Thor himself, or Grant wearing Thor’s gauntlets and belt, are sufficiently strong to lift it.