A mysterious being enters created universes and warped his visions. He must rework the initial mission which involves the destruction of worlds from 2 polar visions. Highlight claims he’s read about these realities. To save them, he has to live the adventures. Their race is called readers.
Story, Art, and Cover by Gilbert Monsanto
Letters by Eric N. Bennett
32 pages
Shipping May 2023


It is all-out action for Highlight and the Pantheons. will the combined might of Taranis, Shazrath, Silver Saint, Zethorus, Sunhawk, Velocity Girl, and Heidi the Valkyrie be enough to stop the deadly Keepers or will they fail to save a doomed reality? Story, art, and colors by Gilbert Monsanto Script Assist and Letters by Eric N. Bennett Published under G-MAN comics
Story & Art by Gilbert Monsanto
Lettering by Eric N. Bennett
Cover by Gilbert Monsanto
4th Anniversary Cover by Gilbert Monsanto
Shipping October 2023
Full Color
Page Count: 20
Print $10.00