REAL NAME: Valthana Shadowmoon.


IDENTITY: Secret; the general populace is unaware of her existence.

OCCUPATION: Sorceress, agent of chaos, Seductress.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Tir na nÓg, in the dimension of Otherworld.

CITIZENSHIP: Inapplicable.



KNOWN ALLIES: Lord Darklore, Kurzol the Troll.

MAJOR ADVERSARIES: Taranis the Thunderlord, Tuatha dé Danann.




FIRST APPEARANCE: TARANIS THE THUNDERLORD #0 (Angry Bear Press, February, 2019).

HEIGHT: 5’10”

WEIGHT: 140 lbs.

EYES: White.

HAIR: White.

OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Like all Dark Elves, Valthana possesses pale blue skin, pointed ears, white hair, and radiates an inhuman, unearthly aura.


The Dark Elf sorceress named Valthana Shadowmoon first made herself known when she struck a bargain with the creatures known as the Blizzard Beasts to eliminate their hated enemy, the Viking warrior Thorvald. Seeing an opportunity to further her own agenda in this transaction, she used the opportunity this presented to pit Thorvald against the Celtic Thundergod Taranis, one of the most powerful members of the Tuatha dé Danann, her sworn enemies (see Blizzard Beasts, Thorvald the Viking, Taranis the Thunderlord, Celtic Gods).

While the Blizzard Beasts distracted Thorvald, Valthana used her magicks to transport him to Tir na nÓg, the home of the Celtic gods. Once there, as she had hoped, Taranis appeared to defend the land from this invader, and the two began an epic battle that shook the island to its foundations. However, before a victor could emerge, for reasons known only to herself, she returned Thorvald unceremoniously to the location from which she had originally abducted him. Taranis, incensed at the insult of being robbed a clean victory, raged. Valthana then returned to her base of operations where she gloated that this was but the first of many such insults against the gods.

Centuries later, Valthana used her sorcerous powers as well as her own seductive charms to enthrall a monastery of Christian Monks. She manipulated them into drawing the attention of Taranis, who had once more journeyed to the mortal realm to seek adventure. The Monks lured Taranis into their monastery where they performed a ceremony designed by Valthana to entrap the Thunderer. At the pinnacle of the ceremony, Valthana herself emerged and bolstered the Monks’ own feeble abilities, and caused Taranis himself to be drawn, body and soul, into a small statue bearing his likeness, entrapping him. Her victory over him now complete, Valthana proceeded to slaughter the Monks.

Valthana’s activities over the following centuries remains largely unknown and unexplored (though at one point in the recent past she did clash with the enigmatic being known as Vigil), but it is a certainty that with Taranis now freed from his imprisonment, she will soon make herself known again.


A powerful sorceress, Valthana possesses the ability to manipulate and wield magical energy through the application of spells and enchantments for a wide variety of effects including teleportation of herself and/or others over vast (even interdimensional) distances, the projection of bolts of pure mystical force, the generation of protective shields, enslaving a subject’s mind and will to her own, the casting of illusions, elemental conversion, and temporary paralysis of a victim.