Rise of the G-Men – Sgt. Flag #1

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By Martin Boruta

Sgt Flag No1 Cover

Launched as part of the Rise of the G-Men Kickstarter,  Sgt. Flag #1 is one of five new comics coming from G-Man Comics.

“Rising from his supporting role in Simon N. Kirby, The Agent to his own all-new title, Sgt. Flag’s origin is finally told in all its glory. Starting with his services in the Marine Corps to his first mission for the FBI, see the entire origin story unfold! Sgt. Flag meets Agent Kirby and Agent Squires for the first time and joins the FBI, whether he likes it or not.”

Sgt. Flag’s civilian name, Rob McFarlane, tells the whole story. This is a wonderful homage to those bombastic Image Comics titles of the 90s. Full of all the tropes we love about that era … explosive action and lots of full-page poster-worthy shots of the hero.

The comic has two stories in its pages. An origin story of how Marine Corp Sgt. Rob McFarlane was recruited by Agent Kirby into the Gmen organization to fight the threat of Johnny Nitro. The second backup story has Sgt Flag rescuing Wildcard when she stops responding to comms on an infiltration mission.

Fun. Action. Adventure. That’s all writers Rik Offenberger and Gregg Whitmore were going for here and they’re not pretending to be presenting anything else. It’s a blast of comic book 90’s nostalgia.

The art is suitably 90’s with G-Men regular Gilbert Monsanto handling all the heart chores on the main story. Monsanto uses a heavy line when inking but that just adds to the boldness of the pages. The backup is drawn by Bobby Ragland, inked by Luis Rivera and coloured by Theo Pinheiro.

Check out the funded Kickstarter HERE for more details on availability.

Issue: Sgt. Flag #1 | Publisher: G-Man Comics
Story: Rik Offenberger & Gregg Whitmore
Pencils: Bobby Ragland | Inks: Luis Rivera
Color: Téo Pinheiro
Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 36 pages