RICH REVIEWS: Simon N. Kirby: The Agent # 5

by Richard Vassure

Title: Simon N. Kirby: The Agent # 5
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writer: Rik Offenberger
Artists: Alan Farai, Jim Burrows
Letters: Eric N. Bennett
Cover: Alan Faria
Variant Covers: Steven Butler with colors by Gilbert Monsanto, Steven Butler, Pat Broderick with color by Gilbert Monsanto, Gilbert Monsanto
Price: $ 10. 00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Aktion!” Kirby finds Mark was a double agent. Then we see Tony who has an amazing ability. This Tony is ready to roar. There are other heroes in the building as well and we see them ready to spring into action. Kirby finds fighting Tigerstrike not an easy task when the rest of the G-Men arrive on the scene. There is a ton of action as the G-Men battle Tigerstrike. He is one powerful foe. All this fighting for The Agents suit.
21 Candles” It is Meredith’s aka Atomk Bombshell’s birthday. She and a bunch of other female superheroes go out for a girls’ night out.  Of course, one supervillain Xadrian attacks and they engage him. He looks like a devil. Meredith gets to beat up a bad guy and enjoy a night out with the girls so it’s a great birthday party.
There are lots of profile writeups in the back accompanied by great art that is eye-catching. You are well informed about many of the heroes and villains of the G-Man Comics Universe.
The characters presented here are how comics were meant to be. Great art, and great characters make for a great comic book.