REAL NAME: Kurzol.


IDENTITY: Secret; though he makes no attempt to hide it, the general populace does not believe him to be an actual mythological creature.


PLACE OF BIRTH: The Domain of Trolls in the dimension of Otherworld.

CITIZENSHIP: Citizen of Otherworld.



KNOWN ALLIES: Valthana Shadowmoon, Skagl the Troll (Deceased).

MAJOR ADVERSARIES: Taranis the Thunderlord, Tuatha de Danann.

GROUP AFFILIATIONS: Rock Trolls of Otherworld.

USUAL BASE OF OPERATIONS: Mobile between Otherworld and Earth.



HEIGHT: 7’0” EYES: Yellow.

WEIGHT: 885 lbs. HAIR: Green.

OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Like all members of his Troll race, Kurzol possesses orange skin, pointed ears, and large bottom teeth protruding from his lower jaw. Trolls are ape- like in build, and possess two large toes on each foot.


Born to the race of Rock Trolls well over two millennium ago in the vast cavern network beneath the extradimensional realm known as Otherworld, Kurzol has always resented not only the gods, but the other races that frolic in the sun-lit lands above (see Celtic gods, Otherworld).

Far larger and stronger than other members of his race, Kurzol has often taken it upon himself to raid the surface, bringing much-needed supplies and resources to his people below. These raids have often brought him into conflict with the Tuatha de Danann, most notably among them the thunder god Taranis. More often than not suffering defeat or setback at the Thunderer’s hands, Kurzol developed a deep hatred for Taranis, and vowed a personal vendetta against him (see Taranis).

Kurzol’s activities and whereabouts over the centuries following Taranis’ imprisonment at the hands of the Dark Elf sorceress Valthana Shadowmoon are unknown. But in modern times, Valthana summoned him to her side as she sensed that conditions were right for Taranis to be freed from his ancient prison.

Traveling to the mortal realm, and the human city of New York, Valthana set Kurzol loose in the hopes that he would either recover or destroy the totem containing Taranis’ essence and physical form. However, a mortal named Donal Stoner, unknowingly possessing a fraction of Taranis divine essence, freed Taranis into the mortal world when he grabbed the statue bearing his likeness that was on display at the museum. Momentarily caught unawares by his unfamiliar surroundings, Taranis was surprised by Kurzol’s presence, but quickly recovered and the two ancient foes once again engaged each other in battle.


As a member of the Troll race, Kurzol possesses all the normal physical attributes to a male member of that race, though to a much higher degree due to his greater-

than-normal size. For example, while a normal male Troll can lift (press) approximately 25 tons, Kurzol’s strength is a match for Taranis’, and he possesses Class 100 strength enabling him to lift (press) inexcess of 100 tons. Kurzol’s endurance is likewise higher-than-normal by a factor of three, and his already-dense flesh is able to survive direct strikes from Taranis’ enchanted shield Skyspanner, as well as The Dagda’s great War Club.

Like all Trolls, Kurzol’s vision extends far into the infra-red range, allowing him to see in the darkness of his home caverns with comparative ease. Additionally, he is immune to all known terrestrial diseases and toxins, and his body’s natural recuperative powers are many time that of a normal human mortal. Kurzol’s life-span is also extended, as he has not aged since reaching maturity millennium ago.


Kurzol makes use of a Troll-made war-club constructed of an unidentified metal native to the dimension of Otherworld.