If No One Else Can Help … Sgt. Flag #3

Cover Sgt Flag #3

G-Man Comics returns to Kickstarter to launch their next batch of issues of their lineup of comics. G-Men United #3, Simon N. Kirby: The Agent #7, Invictus: Outrage #3, Sgt. Flag #3, Taranis the Thunderlord #3 and Lynx #3. With over a week in the Kickstarter, these hugely popular books have reached over 1000% of the required funding. Let’s grab Sgt. Flag #3 off the top of my digital review comics pile and look inside, shall we?

Sgt. Flag features Rob McFarlane in the titular role. We’ve met Sgt. Flag in the Simon N. Kirby: The Agent comic, but in Issue #1 of his own book, we found out Rob was a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. His expertise was as a one-person extraction unit. Pulling the proverbial buns out of the proverbial fire time and again. Rreassigned to the FBI and the G-Men program, Sgt. Flag provides search and rescue for the FBI caped agent program. “When there is no hope, the FBI calls on … Sgt. Flag.”

Interiour Page Sgt Flag #3

Much like the rest of the G-Man Comics lineup, Sgt. Flag is a polished adventure book with a tonne of action. Witty quips and big action sequences are the ongoing theme. Writer Rik Offenberger starts the issue with a mysterious figure in black appearing in a coffee shop where Sgt. Flag and Sister Flag fail to stop this mysterious adversary from teleporting Atomik Bombshell away. Needless to say, The Agent calls an all-hands meeting to try and rescue their teammate. Using a portal created by Mummy Girl, Sgt. Flag teleports to an alien spacecraft in orbit, where they suspect they will find Atomik Bombshell. Alien bugs get the RAID treatment from Sgt Flag, and engines are disabled to prevent escape to an alternate universe. The heroes are saved, and Sgt Flag enjoys a beer.

Gilbert Monsanto’s art effectively portrays the action with a tremendous two-age spread thrown in for good measure. There are a couple of panels here and there when the art seems less polished, but overall, it’s an appealing style. With Gilbert also providing the colours, his linework relies on digital shading to put the finishing touches on the panels. Letterer Mike W. Belcher does what all good letters strive to accomplish: keep the dialogue out of the way of the art and have the sound effects pop out of the page.

This issue has yet to become available for sale as it is part of a current Kickstarter, but there is still time to pledge at Kickstarter G-Men Unleashed. Head to the official site, G-Man Comics, for more news.

Issue: Sgt. Flag #3 | Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writer: Rik Offenberger | Artist: Gilbert Monsanto
Letters: Mike W. Belcher | Editor: Chris Squires
Managing Editor: Jim Burrows | Cover Artists: Stefani Reene, Gilbert Monsanto & Steven Butler

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