You get four great tales from the G-Men in a single comic!
Sgt. Flag is sent on a rescue mission across dimensions to rescue Agent Squires from the clutches of a T-Rex.
We introduce the dynamic team of the Energist & Irene.
Terror Noir and Pocahontas, the Irish Indian, battle civil unrest in a team-up that goes all wrong.
Agent Kirby tries unsuccessfully to enlist Outrage in the G-Men against her will, as he and Champion of Liberty² find themselves in need of serious backup.
Story: Rik Offenberger, Lou Mougin, David Ellis Leary, Jim Burrows, Earl Wajenberg
Art: Fish Lee, Joshua 1:9 Holley
Letter: Eric N. Bennett
Covers: David Ellis Leary, Alan Faria, Joshua 1:9 Holley, Steven Butler,
Copy Editors Earl Wajenberg, Jon Singer, Ron Krueger, Chris Squires
Script Editor: Lou Mougin
Production Editor: Jim Burrows
Shipping May 2021
Full Color
Page Count: 28
Print $10.00