The Agent is the story of an FBI Agent Simon N. Kirby and the world of G-Man Comics. In his world, all superheroes are registered with the government. As part of the Super Hero Registration act, superheroes may be pressed into service to protect their country as needed. Simon N. Kirby is the man in charge of the FBI’s superhero team the G-Men. It operates in a mission impossible style where he selects the right agents for the right mission.

I have wanted to create superheroes all my life. I have a million old drawings I did as a kid. The Agent represents everything I have ever loved about Captain America, the Shield, Fighting American, and all the patriotic characters I love.

In this first Kickstarter, we are exploring the world of G-Man Comics for the first time and we have a lot going on.

The first issue Agent Kirby fights a giant robot, Vanguard. It also deals with a lot of real-world elements from Ghost Guns, to White Supremacist Militia. The Nazi’s were always the best villains, especially for patriotic characters. We will touch on the Peter Beter Conspiracy Theory that there is no gold left in Fort Knox, where the militia group will storm Fort Knox. This was inspired by the idea of storming Area 51 and that conspiracy theory.

I am so excited about sharing my heroes with the world, I want to give other people that same experience. So as part of this Kickstarter, I want to give other creators the chance to have their original superheroes join the G-Men! Your character can be part of the team! We have a 3 page battle between the G-Men and a Giant Robot at the gates of Fort Knox. If you pledge for this level your original character will join the G-Men in their battle. Your character will also get a Who’s Who page in the back of the comic telling the world who they are and what their powers are. If we reach our stretch goals your character will be included in the G-Man Comics 2020 Handbook and will also be included in the G-Man Comics Trading Card Set.

However, that’s not all! This Kickstarter has not just one but two issues of Simon N. Kirby, The Agent. In the second issue, Agent Kirby battles Murder Hornet. Although not apparent in the first issue, Murder Hornet will be the cause of most of The Agent’s difficulties. Murder Hornet has registered as a superhero with the government but he isn’t a superhero. He doesn’t want to do the right thing. He wants to use his status as a superhero as an excuse to beat up minorities and people he considers inferior to his white supremacist ideals. He is a billionaire industrialist and uses his wealth and power to hide his true intentions. When I started this story it was about pushing the boundaries between an anti-hero and a villain. However, he has become more topical as the real world has pushed the perception of those boundaries as well.

These two comics will lay the foundations of a shared superhero universe and launch a new publishing company.

This story features amazing art from Gilbert Monsanto in the first issue and Alan Faria in the second issue.

When we hit our stretch goal of $1,500 it will unlock the Gilbert Monsanto and Alan Faria variant covers


When we hit our stretch goal of $3,000 it will unlock the Steven Butler variant covers


When we hit our stretch goal of $4,500 it will unlock the Steven Butler pen & ink variant covers.


When we hit our stretch goal of $5,000 all backers will get The 2020 Offical Handbook of the G-Man Universe for FREE in print for all print backers or a PDF for all Digital Backers. If you are a “Join the G-Men” backer your original character will be included in the Handbook.



“Join the G-Men” your original character will be part of the G-Men and drawn into the battle at the end of the story, they will be featured on the splash page and included in the trading card set. When we reach our final stretch goal your original hero will be included in the 2020 G-Man Universe comic. $100 each


T-Shirts! We have Agent Shield, Sgt. Flag, Lynx and the G-Men at $20 each



Posters! We have 11×17 posters at $5 each

Trading Cards! A set of 20 trading cards. Agent Shield and the G-Men are featured in this trading card set that also includes the heroes from the “Join the G-Men” backers. $TBD

You can own the original art from the Steven Butler Cover for either Agent Shield #1 or Agent Shield #2. This one of a kind piece of original art is just $150!



Our Creative Team

Eric Bennett is the one who encouraged producing comics in the first place. He is doing our lettering and will be providing some of his own original characters. Jim Burrows is the editor of G-Man Comics and we have been producing some fun Fanzines together. He is doing is his phenomenal job here on production and helping make this project come to life as well as bring in his own pantheon of characters from the New Arcadia Universe into G-Man Comics. This is a world 25 years in the making and instills G-Man Comics with it’s rich history form the gaming world. An old friend Lou Mougin is our story editor and helps keep us on the right track. We have some truly incredible art from Gilbert Monsanto and Alan Faria. Lastly, we have Steven Butler joining us an producing our variant covers.

Rik Offenberger, writer. Rik is a comic book journalist and publicity agent, an early utilizer of the Internet for distributing comics news, and the former public relations coordinator of Archie Comics. Rik started his career in comics as a retailer at Paper Hero Comics in Chino, California. He began writing for the Comics Buyer’s Guide in March 1992. In October 1998, Rik founded Super Hero News, an Internet-based comics-news service utilizing the Yahoo! List server. While the service primarily distributes affiliate press releases, it’s also been used as a vehicle for debate and contention by some of its members, it is still active today. Following work on the Comics Buyer’s Guide, he began working for the British Borderline Comics Magazine until it was discontinued. This was followed by a move to the Internet, where he worked as an interviewer and senior feature editor at Silver Bullet Comic Books (now Comics Bulletin), conducting interviews with comics professionals. In 2004 he began producing trend-oriented interviews for Newsarama and by 2005 he was writing for both Newsarama and Comic Book Resources. In December 2005, Rik succeeded Alex Segura as Public Relations Coordinator of Archie Comics and continued there until February 2016. In April 2010, Rik, Phil Latter and Ric Croxton founded First Comics News, a web-based division of Super Hero News, covering comics, gaming, wrestling, and related pop-culture topics.


Gilbert Monsanto, artist Agent Shield #1. Gilbert started his career as a comic book writer/artist in the Philippines in the 90′s. He later became the chief instructor for Whilce Portacio’s comic creation school in Manila for three years. He penciled Hellcop and Houdini: The Man from Beyond under Image Comics. He’s done other projects like the 50th Anniversary Trilogy of Darna (Mango Comics), Hands of the Dragon (Black Ink Comics), and some independent titles like Bayan Knights.


Alan Faria, artist Agent Shield #2. Alan is an artist and colorist from São Paulo, Brazil. He has illustrated Children’s Magazine and Newspapers in Araraquara. He also has worked as an illustrator in advertising. Some of his work can be seen in comics from DC Entertainment and Dynamite Entertainment where he worked as an art assistant. Currently, he working on Argo comics, Marshal Strong, and right here at G-Man Comics!


Steven Butler, cover artist. Steven is a fan-favorite comic book artist who has worked at all the major publishers. He is well-known for his Marvel Comics art on Web of Spider-Man, Silver Sable, and many other popular titles. At Archie Comics he was the long-running artist on Sonic the Hedgehog. For Charlton Neo, he co-created Mr. Mixit and produced Warrior Women of the Golden Age! He and his daughter Lily formed the Duo Publishing company, publishing Fianna McCool and the Hound of Ulster.


Joshua 1:9 Holley, letter page header artist. Josh is an artist, writer, teacher, and musician based in Rincon, GA that works full-time in ministry at The Chapel Effingham. He’s the creator of WORD WEIRDOS – trading cards for kids that help them memorize Bible verses (find out more soon at Aside from his ministry comic pursuits, Josh has also done illustration work for Lucky Comics and Empire Comics Lab. He is inspired every day by his wife, Anna, their daughter, Brenna, and the side-effects of growing up addicted to pop culture from the 70s & 80s. “My number one goal is to be CREATIVE FOR CHRIST”


Eric N. Bennett, letter. Eric is a full-time Professional Graphic Artist for AccuWeather, Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania (home of Penn State University). A married father of two sons, Eric is best known for his character STEEL WOLF, here at G-Man Comics, he has created a parallel universe version of STEEL WOLF, a character named AMERICAN EAGLE III. Eric also is known as “the profile guy,” having written and compiled well over 200 individual character handbook entries. He’s also written several short STEEL WOLF stories, as well as a comic featuring the cosmic menace known as STELLAREX. Additionally, he’s credited as the co-writer and letterer of several other story projects, some of which appear on the deviantART website, and others that are in progress to be released at a future date. His completed projects are currently available on Look for his character STEEL WOLF on Facebook, as well as at Ursa Magnus at Deviant Art.


Darrin McDonald, videographer. Darrin is a Film Maker, Writer, Director, and Producer best known for his YouTube channel, FizzFop, about comic books, superheroes, and the people who create them. His main focus is on forgotten superheroes from the past-many of which once had fans in the millions, but now, they are almost completely wiped from the public memory. Darrin talks not just about comic book heroes, he also includes old time radio programs, pulp magazines, dime novels, and movie serials. Darrin is an Emmy nominated producer.


Lou Mougin, story editor. Lou is a writer and historian of comics, new pulp, and anything he can get my hands on. He has worked for Marvel, Heroic, Lucky, Eclipse, THE CREEPS, Pro Se, Claypool, InDELLible, and now G-Man Comics. Old but immature, Christian, trying to hang on.


Jim Burrows is a novelist who has been involved in role-playing games since the 1970s. He started building the world of New Acadia, the setting for the G-Man Universe stories, two decades ago. Since retiring from the high-tech world, he has been writing on topics ranging from Machine Ethics, AI, and Cyber Security to High Fantasy and Superheroes.

Jim is a writer on the G-MAN UNIVERSE, SHIELD G-MAN CLUB FANZINE, DEMON PRIEST, and G-MAN COMICS 3-IN-1. In addition, Jim edits the entire line as well as doing the lion’s share of production.

Risks and challenges

Although this is our first Kickstarter, we have been in the comic business for years, and have experience in producing and publishing comics. G-Man Comics has successfully published many fanzines and a Handbook. As you read this, the scripts are finished, Gilbert is in the process of coloring Simon N.  Kirby, Agent Shield #1 and Alan has just finished penciling the first half of Simon N.  Kirby, Agent Shield #2. We are working closely with our printer Ka-Blam who will both print and distribute this Kickstarter. Unless we are all killed in a freak accident there is no way we will not finish this project. ComicsCOMICS
The Agent is the story of an FBI Agent Simon N. Kirby and the world of G-Man Comics. In his world, all superheroes are registered with the government. As part of the Super Hero Registration act, superheroes may be pressed into service to protect their country as needed. Simon...