SIMON N. KIRBY, THE AGENT #6 – Comic Review

SIMON N. KIRBY, THE AGENT #6, from G-Man Comics on Kickstarter, institutes a new status quo at G-Man HQ, and the Agent suddenly finds himself at the center of a killbot onslaught.

The Details

  • Written by: Rik Offenberger
  • Art by: Alan Faria
  • Letters by: Eric N. Bennett
  • Cover art by: Alan Faria (cover A)
  • Comic Rating: Teen+
  • Cover price: $5.00
  • Release date: May 2023 (estimated)

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Is It Good?

If there’s one thing comic readers can agree on, it’s that the Silver Age is a cherished part of comics history, but comics in that Age had a tendency to get a little… silly. Outlandish heroes fighting outlandish villains trying to enact outlandish criminal plans is par for the course, so while we love the Silver Age, we can be honest and admit silliness rules the Silver Age. Therefore, it’s refreshing to read a comic that draws some inspiration from the Silver Age but is self-aware enough to call out its own silliness.

SIMON N. KIRBY, THE AGENT #6 is a little silly, and it knows it, which makes the comic even better.

Rik Offenberger’s script centers on a shakeup in G-Man leadership, portending bigger problems for the Agent and the G-Men down the road. While the Agent and Sgt. Flag grab a coffee to contemplate what comes next, they’re attacked by an army of robots led by the nefarious General Nuisance.

To Offenberger’s credit, what should be a down point (everything related to General Nuisance) winds up being the semi-comedic highlight of the story. The good General’s actions are over-the-top, his evil plan is as one-dimensional as you could possibly imagine, and you can’t help but laugh a little. That said, General Nuisance becomes a positive because the other characters in the comic know he’s ridiculous, too. Sgt. Flag, in particular, gets plenty of one-liner jabs in to belittle and mock the General at every turn.

In other words, trying to treat something silly as serious is bad, but treating something silly for what it is, becomes a positive because the reader is brought in on the joke.

How’s the art? Alan Faria’s character designs are pitch-perfect for this type of story, blending Silver Age sensibilities with a 90s-era EXTREME aesthetic. The character designs are powerful, Faria lets loose with mountains of robot-smashing action, and the figure work is excellent.

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What’s It About?

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We begin with a violently sudden change in leadership at G-Men HQ. Director Infantino no longer occupies the top spot, leaving Jameson to take over. If the G-Men had doubts about Infantino, they have outright concern over Jameson and his dubious loyalties.

Later, the Agent and Sgt. Flag head to the local coffee shop to discuss what the leadership change means. Suddenly, an armored transport vehicle smashes through the coffee shop’s wall, and a slew of robot soldiers emerge to capture the Agent and Sgt. Flag. Despite the G-Men’s bravest efforts, there are too many robots to defeat, and the G-Men are captured.

We conclude the issue with dungeons, more robot smashing, and a General Nuisance.

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Final Thoughts

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SIMON N. KIRBY, THE AGENT #6 is jam-packed with EXTREME 90s-era style, mixed with a Silver Age story for a fun adventure that shakes up the G-Men’s status quo and tops it off with tons of robot-smashing action. Considering the different eras of inspiration, the artwork works exceptionally well, and the self-aware Silver Age silliness is highly entertaining.

Score: 8.5/10

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